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Our Team

oreiviu klubo pilotas su Richard Branson
skrydis oro balionu vilniuje
skrydis oro balionu trakai

Airmen Club "Sky Flowers"

Experience from generation to generation

Airmen club „sky flowers“ was found in 1997. According to the pilots, their success comes from the love of flight and freedom. It would be fair to say that this love can be passed to a new generation.

Romanas Mikelevičius – club founder, first experienced the sensation of air balloon flight back in 1988 and stayed in the balloon ever since, as he likes to say. He is one of the most experienced air balloon pilots in Lithuania, holding over 2550 hours of experience and increasing the number every day. Since 1991 Roman is attending every air balloon championship in Lithuania and is even known to people outside this field as the one who took a known billionaire Richard Branson on a flight.

Flight information


Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas

Weather conditions

Under favorable weather conditions

Flight Duration

Approx. 1 hour


Slight warmer leisurewear, comfortable footwear


Pre-registration by phone or email is required

Expiry date

Ticket is valid for 12 months


Recommended age - from 7 years old


Weight of one person - below 100kg

Choose your hot air balloon flight

hot air balloon flight

  • Enjoy awakening nature
  • Start day with great emotions and amazing views
  • Arise to the sky earlier than sun



Most popular

Hot Air Balloon Flight

  • Look on the world from up above
  • Fly with one of the most experienced team in Lithuania
  • Experience what You will remember for the rest of Your life
  • Fly in the morning or evening



Romantic hot air balloon flight

  • Only You two and the pilot in the air balloon
  • Great gift for your second half
  • Great for special occasions



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