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Information about hot air balloon flights

People who take their first flight, usually ask a lot of questions. We hope the FAQ answers will be useful for everyone planning to take a flight or still considering the possibility
  • The process of purchasing a ticket:

    It’s simple:

    1. Pick the right hot air balloon flight ticket here
    2. Pay for the ticket one of the possible ways.
    3. Schedule the date and time of the flight over the phone number +37069945737
    4. See you in the air!

  • How long does the flight last?

    The whole experience lasts for about 2-2,5 hours. We meet 30 minutes before the hot air balloon flight. While the balloon is being prepared the participants get instructed and then we take off. The flight itself lasts for an hour. Once back on the ground the flight is solemnly celebrated while the newcomers become initiated.

  • How many people does one balloon take?

    The club owns a few balloons and considering the number of the participants, a proper one is chosen. Standard option is 2-6 people. Romantic flight consists of two people and the pilot.

  • What if the weather is unfit during the flight day?

    Proper flight requires certain meteorological conditions. Usually they are reassured 1-2 days before. Sometimes the flight is postponed by notifying the participants.

  • What can be brought to the hot air ballon flight?

    Sharp things, heavy bags, unnecessary things are not recommended. However, cameras are recommended to make memories of the lovely flight.

  • How to dress for the flight?

    Comfortable footwear and clothing are recommended. It is better to leave your high heels for another occasion. Considering the hot air balloon flights happen in the morning and evening, usually in the summer, the air conditions are worth considering. In the morning shoes can get wet from the dew, so it is better to choose sportswear or rubber boots. While in the evening short sleeves are recommended to protect you from possible mosquitoes. Also bear in mind that the temperature up is lower than the temperature on the ground.

  • Health – when it is not allowed to take the flight

    Consult your doctor about the flight, if you are pregnant, recently had an operation, or have a chronic illness. The pilot must be made aware of any health issues since he is responsible for the flight attendants. Alcohol and drugs or any psychotropic medication during flight are prohibited. The pilot has the right to refuse to take the flight suspecting you are not sober.

  • Why hot air balloons only take flight in early morning or evening?

    Hot air balloon flight is only possible under good air conditions. During the day the sun warms up the ground, thus thermics are formed which can affect the control of the balloon. The sunrays are not as active in the morning and evening making the conditions suitable. The flight is only possible during the bright time of the day as well.

  • What material are hot air balloons made of and what size can they be?

    The largest part of the balloon is made from nylon – a resistant material. The sewing technique makes the material airproof. The bottom of the balloon is made from fire-resistant material called nomex. The bags are usually wickered of rattan branches. Size varies, but the height is usually about 25 meters.

  • Do hot air baloon pilots have licenses?

    Yes. All of them must pass theoretical and practical exams and gain 50 hours piloting experience to be qualified to fly passengers.

  • Can children take a flight with an air balloon? Is there a discount for children?

    They can. Minimum recommended age is 7 years. There are no discounts for children.

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