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Get ready for the flight of your life! Experienced pilots Romanas, Maciej, Lukasz, and Adam from the hot air balloon club “Sky Flowers“ will make sure you experience a unique and safe flight over the broadest horizons of Lithuania. Reasons to choose “Sky Flowers“:

  • Hot Air Balloon flights are available in any location you desire (must be at least 6 person group);
  • Some of the best hot air balloon pilots in Lithuania, who have proven their skills in various championships;
  • Priceless experience, gained during over 4000 hours in the air;
  • Initiation of the first flight, lovely surprises;
  • Safe, aesthetic, modern hot air balloons. Perhaps you want to try a few of them?
  • “Sky Flowers“ – experience passed from generation to generation

The hot air balloon club „Sky Flowers“ was founded in 1997. According to the pilots, their success comes from the love of flight and freedom. It would be fair to say that this love can be passed on to a new generation. Romanas Mikelevičius – the club founder, first experienced the sensation of air balloon flight back in 1988 and stayed in the balloon ever since, as he likes to say. He is one of the most experienced air balloon pilots in Lithuania, holding over 4,000 hours of experience and increasing the number every day. Since 1991 Roman has attended every air balloon championship in Lithuania and is even known to people outside this field as the one who took a known billionaire Richard Branson on a flight.

Romanas Mikelevičius is an excellent instructor who trained over 30 hot air balloons in Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland. His sons – Maciej, Lukasz, and Adam are three of them. Started since early days, following their father’s footsteps, today they are experienced pilots representing Lithuania in championships and ensuring the work of air balloon pilots.

Ready to fly?

With four different offers, choose the flight perfect for you and have fun!